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PODIUM XVP 120 Watts

CROMAcord PODIUM XVP+E black front side top
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CROMAcord PODIUM XVP 80/120 Watt
Smart, handsome and powerfull, portable all in one hand, ideally suited for all acoustic and other instruments, i.e. guitars, voices, (double-)bass und playback, dedicated to an audience of up to 200 persons, to be set up discretely within a few seconds, achieving excellent sound quality even without specific technical knowledge of the user, incl. many smart features that are carefully balanced for your comfort:
4/5 channel universal amplifier for music instruments 80/120 Watt (RMS 8 Ohm/music power), very natural reproduction, extremely low noise and distortion
Inputs realized with 3-pole jack connectors integrating smart switching function for universal use, providing various input features in one: flexible automatic matching to a wide variety of different 2-pole signal types that fits to nearly any pickup, can be used also in 3-pole balanced mode (i.e.with optional adaptor 3-pole jack to XLR, or use coil pickups and humbuckers in balanced mode to reduce hum and noise)
Channel 1, 2 und 3 featuring sensititvity switch "mic-line" for using microphones
Channel 1, 2 und 3 featuring Semi-Automatic-Gain-Adjusting (S.A.G.A) in order to simplify matching and universal use for all kind of sound pickup devices and microphones
Channel 1, 2 und 3 incl. controls for bass, treble and effect send for connected effect devices.
Channel 1 includes in addition parametric mid equalizer controls (sweepable frequency ).
integrated fully automatic compressor-limiter for maximum volume performance while protecting from dynamic overload distortion at full power condition with all instruments.
2 Preamp Master Outputs, 1x prefader and 1x postfader, ideally suited by example for connecting the prefader output to PA-equipment while using the PODIUM IV as personal monitor with independent control of the personal volume.
Power Amplifier with 80/120 watts (RMS 8 Ohms/music power)
Possibility for connecting and driving extension speaker cabinet (min 8 Ohms)
2-Way-Loudspeaker, 1x 8" High-Power Low-mid driver and. 1x High-Power dyn. HF-Horn
max Sound-Pressure-Level (SPL) ca. 117dB at full power 1m distance (reference efficiency: 96 dB/1W/1m)
Dimensions: 396 x 285 x 265 mm ~15,59x11,22x10,43 inch, weight only approx. 11,5kg ~ 25,4 lbs