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CROMAcord-Sound-Links with various different electro-acoustic situations

Lulo Reinhardt
Pickup meets microphone:
studio recording intro:
Video-Trailer and Medley-Cut of a concert named "varieties of truth" featuring various artists in Berlin Church "Passionskirche" showing the total context of the electroacoustical situation. In use CROMAcord Rumba Microphones and CROMAcord PODIUM MXVT with extension cabinet placed on the stage center's floor beside the marshall amp. Discretely small yet powerfull it is serving as acoustic-instruments monitor and sound source for the PA. (more informations at the artist's website
2 Guitars, Potsch/Müller-Brys performing at "varieties of truth" concert
"De Regahs" Funny entertainment from the Netherlands, dutch made Flamenco and Sevillanas i.e., ,
"De Regahs" live broadcast session at a popular netherlands station -"West TV": Beatles and other popular songs meeting Flamenco-Guitars
Carolina Eyck plays Sting on the Theremin, the spanish guitar is played by Frank-Müller-Brys: . (More examples at the artist's website:
Thomas Kümper plays various popular songs using CROMAcord PODIUM MXVS210 on a speaker stand. Watch here 3 live recorded examples of the authentic amplified sound captured (only!) with microphone/cam in the area of the audience:,,   (more informations at the artist's website
To be continued. If you have a suggestion please do not hesitate to send a message