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CROMAcord-PODIUM-MXVT-brown rear side top


Top-class amplifier- and microphone-systems for acoustic instruments, really authentic, natural and free of unnecessary components. Unique and smart solutions for professional musicians since 1994 that set the state of the art and new standards
CROMAcord PODIUM amplifiers: product range with various features and power performance from 60 to 240 watts. Extremely compact multi-channel amplification systems for amplifying several different music instruments and microphones, impressive sound quality, handsome and versatile. New hot products dedicated also to bassplayers. Purest sound achieved by finest analog electronics with much sound pressure per watt and weight without any risk of impairment by cooling fan or digitally switched devices in the signal path. All in one hand, possibility to use various inputs with microphone, guitar with piezo-, magnetic or other pick-up technology or playback on choice, simply plug in .. and you''re ready to go!
CROMAcord Rumba microphone system for guitar: Quick-mount in 5 seconds similar to a capodaster, pat. pend. unique sound and handling quality for acoustic guitars, just real acoustic !
Designing and manufacturing custom products for the music industry