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CROMAcord-PODIUM-XVB-E-Bass-black front top
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CROMAcord PODIUM XVB Bass 100/150 Watt
Smart, handsome and powerfull, portable all in one hand, ideally suited for all Basses and Bass-Guitars (4 or 5 string, active or passive), for acoustic and other instruments, i.e. guitars, voices and playback, dedicated to an audience of up to 200 persons, to be set up discretely within a few seconds, achieving excellent sound quality even without specific technical knowledge of the user, incl. many smart features that are carefully balanced for your comfort:
4/5 channel universal amplifier for music instruments, in particular basses, 100/150 Watt (RMS 8 Ohm/music power), very natural, clear, deep and precise reproduction, extremely low noise and distortion.
Inputs realized with 3-pole jack connectors integrating smart switching function for universal use, providing various input features in one: flexible automatic matching to a wide variety of different 2-pole signal types that fits to nearly any pickup, can be used also in 3-pole balanced mode (i.e.with optional adaptor 3-pole jack to XLR, or use coil pickups and humbuckers in balanced mode to reduce hum and noise)
Channel 1, 2 und 3 featuring sensititvity switch "mic-line" for using microphones
Channel 1, 2 und 3 featuring Semi-Automatic-Gain-Adjusting (S.A.G.A) in order to simplify matching and universal use for all kind of sound pickup devices and microphones
Channel 1, 2 und 3 incl. controls for bass, treble and effect send for connected effect devices.
Channel 1 includes in addition parametric mid equalizer controls (sweepable frequency ).
integrated fully automatic compressor-limiter for maximum volume performance while protecting from dynamic overload distortion at full power condition with all instruments.
2 Preamp Master Outputs, 1x prefader and 1x postfader, ideally suited by example for connecting the prefader output to PA-equipment while using the PODIUM XVB as personal monitor with independent control of the personal volume.
additional postfader preamp Output XLR 3-pole balanced for connecting active extension to deliver as much power as desired, ideally suited for adding on or stacking any number of additional amps that will be driven and controlled proportionally by the PODIUM XVB''s master volume knob.
Power Amplifier with 100/150 watts (RMS 8 Ohms/music power)
2-Way-Loudspeaker, 2x 8" extra long-throw low-mid driver and. 2x High-Power Dome-Tweeter (max. displacement air volume exceeding 1x12" driver)
max Sound-Pressure-Level (SPL) ca. 115dB at full power 1m distance (reference efficiency: 94,5 dB/1W/1m)
Excellent portability versus output power and sound quality ratio: As small as possible, not larger than necessary, a smart practical concept, that fits to nearly any application: Basically suited for playing together with acoustic (non amplified) drums and percussion instruments. When drums are amplified, obviously a PA-equipment is available. Consequently it makes sense to use it for amplifying the PODIUM XVB''s output too.
Dimensions: 470 x 345 x 265 mm ~18,50x13,58x10,43 inch, weight only approx. 13kg ~ 28,6 lbs